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Rocket Notary in Bakersfield Offers

Rocket Notary in Bakersfield is a professional notary service provider located in the heart of Bakersfield. We are dedicated to providing our clients fast, friendly, and reliable service. We offer a variety of notary services, including Mobile Notary document signing, Loan signing, and Third Party Witness.

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Mobile Notary

Our mobile notary service stands ready to certify, notarize and witness the signing of your legal documents regardless of location. Unlike traditional notaries who operate out of a fixed location, our mobile notaries are willing to travel to the clients’ homes, offices, hospitals, or any other location to notarize documents. This service can be a valuable resource for individuals, businesses, and organizations. 

Loan Signing

Our loan signing service is a specialized service that helps facilitate the closing of loan transactions. When someone borrows money to purchase a property or for other purposes, such as refinancing an existing loan, there are various legal documents that need to be signed and notarized. Rocket Notary Bakersfield provides professional loan signing agents who acts as a neutral third party to assist in the signing and notarization process. Our notaries have the experience and knowledge to execute loan documents of all types. 

Custom Websites For Notarys

Beautiful, eye-catching, color coordinated websites created specifically for Notary Public’s to showcase their services! These websites come complete with images, professionally written content, domain registration, email, and more.  

3rd Party Witness

Some legal documents, such as wills, contracts, and powers of attorney, may be subject to specific legal requirements that mandate the presence of a witness. When those situations happen, Rocket Notary Bakersfield can provide a third-party witness to help you finalize your documents.